Oneg Set Up and Clean Up

Setting up before the Service

There will be plenty of people to assist in the set-up and clean-up of your hosted Oneg.

1. The one item that it is essential for you to bring is 2 loaves of pre-sliced challah.
2. Examples of additional items, as you wish, include cheese/crackers, crudité, fresh fruit , hummus and pita, nuts, dried fruit, cookies, a cake, or a favorite recipe.
3. Be at the Parish Hall at 5:45 pm for set-up. On days when there will be a Shabbat dinner in the Parish Hall, set up on the large table in the vestibule.
4. Supplies are stored in our CRT closet in the Parish Hall (middle set of closet doors). Napkins, plates, small plastic cups, etc…
5. Wine is in the Sacristy, located between the main sanctuary and Lindsey Chapel. For access, ask a Sexton or clergy.
6. Pre-pour wine in small cups before the service. We provide Manischewitz Concord Grape wine and a “regular” red wine. Also put out a pitcher of water.

Cleaning up after the Oneg
7. If any platters or utensils from the kitchen are used, they should be cleaned and returned.
8. Unopened wine should be returned to the Sacristy.
9. Remaining paper goods and supplies should be placed back in the CRT closet. If you have a question, the Church Sextons are will be near-by and knowledgeable. Contact Merle Marquis, Todd Katzman, or Jill Silverstein as well.