Classical Reform Judaism

Central Reform Temple was conceived as a “Classical Reform” congregation, rooted in the historic liberal ideals and distinctive worship traditions of the liberal Jewish tradition in America, interpreted in creative new ways.  We affirm:

  • A focus on the spiritual dimension of Jewish commitment, encouraging our individual paths of exploration as we seek to understand the possibilities of faith in our lives
  • A meaningful, inclusive and accessible worship Service, primarily in English
  • The ethical values, grounded in the timeless, universal vision of our Hebrew Prophets, that inspire our personal decision making and communal responsibility as primary expressions of our religious commitment as Jews
  • The centrality of the American experience of freedom and pluralism in our Jewish identity
  • A warm, unconditional welcome and support for interfaith families, and all who seek to join us in worship, study and service, regardless of religious background

Our Temple participates in the work of the national Society for Classical Reform Judaism (SCRJ), which Rabbi Berman serves as Executive Director. For further information on the history and philosophy of this distinctive Jewish alternative, visit the SCRJ at